Safety Philosophy

Jago believes all incidents and injuries are preventable. Our number one core value is to ensure our employees never get hurt or are exposed to unsafe conditions. Our commitment to safety is driven by the expectation that all employees are able to return home from work without injury. We truly believe our employees are our greatest resource. To protect this resource, we instill and promote an excellent safety culture. Jago demonstrates this regularly through encouraging intervention, hazard hunts, and feedback loops. To Jago, safety is a team effort, thus we actively involve our employees in our safety process by encourage feedback and suggestions. Jago uses the “bubble up theory” supporting our employees at the field level to actively participate in developing corrective actions and creative solution for the safety of all employees. Most companies have a goal of “Target Zero” which is a 0.0 recordable incident rate. Jago can proudly say we have met this mark in 2010 and plan to continue this achievement of successfully protecting our greatest asset, our employees.