Health & Wellness Philosophy

Jago recognizes that our team members perform best when they are healthy. In order for our company to develop into a leader in our field, we need employees that are performing at their highest potential. When our team members’ health & wellness are at an optimal level, Team Success follows.

At Jago we are powered by our people and the following goals have been set to increase our employees’ health both at work and at home during their off time:

  • Reduce the number of employees who smoke by 10 percent by the end of the next fiscal year, with a corporate long term goal of zero.
  • Reduce the overall use of sick leave by five percent by promoting wellness and healthy habits among our team members by the end of the next fiscal year.
  • Increase the availability of health food alternatives at company sponsored lunches and gatherings including periodic safety barbecues and reduce the reliance on caffeine intake throughout our workplaces by 10 percent by the end of the next fiscal year.
  • Increase exercise by offering employees assistance with the cost of gym memberships with a local fitness center.
  • Include a wellness topic in company meetings and progress update briefings in addition to the traditional safety and environmental topics.
  • Increase the availability of wellness information by starting a health & wellness library to be made available to employees in the corporate break room.
  • Start a wellness recipe release that is to be circulated once per week and allow employees to select a healthy recipe of the week.

At Jago we believe that our whole team benefits when individuals make the decision to be healthy. Reductions in absenteeism, increased energy, and reduced reliance on tobacco and caffeine are all ways we intend to improve the health of our team members in preparation for the challenges of demanding project work schedules.

Jesse Mohrbacher