Environmental Philosophy

Seaming of the Environmental BarrierJago Contracting & Management LLC, believes in the philosophy of thinking globally while acting locally, as we strive to complete our important project work scopes with a focus on environmentally responsible execution.

We are an Alaska-based company and much of our work is in the energy industry including upstream oil & gas exploration, we take our responsibility of protecting the quality of our air, land, and water very seriously. Jago employees are citizens of the environments in which we operate and whether it is the North Slope of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, or any number of locations in between, we strive to promote environmentally responsible behavior and work practices. Our focus on an environmentally friendly philosophy can be observed at every location in which we operate.

 Jago works hard to reduce our footprint by promoting car pooling amongst our workforce along with the reuse and recycling of consumables and building & construction materials wherever possible. Additionally, we plan our jobs to reduce waste so that we are not in a position to have to recycle, store, or throw away excess materials. At Jago, we believe that the best way to protect the environment is to plan our work before our projects are launched to reduce where possible, reuse as applicable, and recycle as a last resort.

 We believe that our projects should serve our clients and the communities in which we operate, and strive to manage energy projects with an environmental focus. Our work and legacy is one of respect for the environment and ownership over our impact on future generations.

 Jesse Mohrbacher